Annual Mile run a sucess

Annual Mile run a sucess

Randolph Center, VT - Vermont Tech cross country team held its annual campus mile run Monday August 26th . The mile run is a loop around the campus that includes a 3 tiered hill and long gradual slope to the finish. This year there were a record number of participants including some of our administrators: Athletic Director Hilary Linehan, Men's Soccer coach Matt Murawski and Women's Soccer coach Casey Grimes.

For the Women there were 21 runners that registered. The field was led by the cross country team's own Cassidy Lewis, Freshman,  who finished the run with a 6:09 time. Only 9 seconds off the record fastest time set by Rebecca Broadbent in 2017 at 6:00.  Rounding out the top 3 runners were Emma Sanders and Angela Lazzaro both freshman members of the cross country team.

On the men's side the pack of 24 runners was led by Sophomore Cross Country team member and current record hold of the mile Tyler Dunham. Tyler ran this year's mile in 5:14 which was 5 seconds off his last years record setting time of 5:09.  Following Tyler to fill the top 3 positions were Wylie Coseo of the Men's soccer team and Matt Kelly, Junior and co-Captain of the Men's cross country team.  

Congratulations to all the finishers of this year's campus mile run.


Women's times

Cassidy Lewis (Cross Country)             6:09

Mariah Potvin (Cross Country)             6:13

Emma Sanders (Cross Country)           6:43

Angela Lazzaro (Cross Country)           6:57

Aliyah Foote (Basketball)                     7:41

Kianna Royer (Soccer)                        7:41.92

Alannah Hadden (Basketball)              8:07

Farah Mesidor  (Basketball)                 8:07.69

Ryan Passwaters (Basketball)              8:09

Cassandra Pelkey  (Soccer)                 8:11

Nicole Cutler (Cross Country)              8:14

Olivia Machado (Cross Country)          8:18

Kennedy Henderson (Basketball)         8:18

Dayna Goodell (Soccer)                      8:27

Tucker Chapin (Soccer_                      8:56

Hilary Linehan (AD)                            8:59

Kimah Stribling (Basketball)                9:10

KK Gilford (Basketball)                       9:20

Cierra Favreau (Soccer)                      9:36

Marina Sprague (Soccer)                   10:17

Ashley Thompson (Soccer)                 10:55

Jenny Grenier  (Soccer)                      10:56

Alizia Lafontaine (Cross C0untry)        14:35 



Men's times

Tyler Dunham (Cross Country)              5:14

Wylie Coseo (Soccer)                           5:24

Matt Kelly (Cross Country)                    5:39

Scott Durkee (Soccer)                          5:54

Matt Murawski (Soccer men's coach)     5:54

Jon Puffer (Cross Country)                    5:55

Adam Dalterio (Soccer)                         6:03

Leo Morales  (Soccer)                           6:04

Kevin Kressock (Cross Country)             6:12

Scott Shepherd (Soccer)                       6:13

Som Dahal (Soccer)                              6:18

Mikell McKenzie (Soccer)                        6:19

Elisha Mattoon                                     6:31

Justin Boudreau (Soccer)                      6:35

Casey Grimes (Soccer women's coach)   6:37

Luc Montagne (Soccer)                          6:38

Avery Hallbauer (Soccer)                        6:42

Aiden Cudhea (Soccer)                           6:48

Matt Stretten (Cross Country)                 7:01

Keillor Kaplan-James (Soccer)                 7:03

Noah Warner (Soccer)                            7:15

Jon Alvin (Soccer)                                  7:21

Alex Gharbaran (Cross Country)              7:39

Andy Rinehart                                        10:22

Ben Fontaine    (Cross Country)             10:56