Kevin Carr’s Teammates and Coaches Pay Tribute to a Great Collegiate Career

Kevin Carr’s Teammates and Coaches Pay Tribute to a Great Collegiate Career

Kevin Carr made Vermont Tech Basketball history this season when he surpassed the 2,000 point mark. Now that his amazing collegiate basketball career is complete, his teammates and coaches took some time to reflect on Kevin's contributions to the Vermont Tech program:


"Kevin is the best player I've ever had the privilege to play next to . . . and ever will."

Cody Chamberlin


"If you are trying to be #1 in our practice sessions, its not going to happen.  If Kevin is there, the best you'll ever get is #2."

Jhason Clark


"Kevin is the best player I have ever played with.  He has no ego.  No matter how many individual accolades he receives, he never makes people feel that it is all about him.  He is unselfish in every sense of the word.  He elevates the play of those around him.  He has made my Vermont Tech experience one I will never forget. "

Alex Tyrrell


"I feel honored to play next to Kevin.  Too see someone with that much skill was a daily motivation to me to be a better player."

Kwei General-Vanderpuije


"Playing with Kevin is almost like playing with LeBron or Dwayne Wade. He takes and makes shots that seem impossible; but most importantly he makes the players around him better."

Josh Lindsey


"Kevin's competitive drive, work ethic and humility has helped shape me into a better basketball player.  It was a great experience playing next to him.  Kevin is one of the best players I've had the luxury to play against."

Samuel Randall


"Kevin is, by far, the most talented player I've ever played with.  He does things that I previously thought were impossible. It has been a privilege to have him as a teammate.  No matter how far behind we may be in a game, I know we can make a comeback with Kevin Carr on the floor.  He makes me a better player."

Lucas Dutil


"Kevin's class on the court is surpassed only by his skill.  It was a great honor to share the court with such a great person and talented player."

"There is no other player I'd rather play with than Kevin Carr.  He is a dead on shooter, tremendous defensive player and an amazing athlete.  I am proud to be able to say I was his teammate."

Josh "Boomer" Patterson


"Kevin is one of the hardest working players I have ever seen.  This was my first year on the team.  Kevin set the standard for everyone to meet.  He is not the most vocal player on the team; the intensity lies in his game.  Every facet of his game is polished.  If you want to improve your game, just watch how he approaches every game he plays."

Ryan Follensbee


"It is pretty unusual to have a player that is both an explosive scorer and the team's best one on one defender.  At Vermont Tech, we are fortunate to have compilation in Kevin Carr. In addition to his high level of skill, Kevin is passionate in his approach to the game.  We will certainly miss him next year and wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

Coach Chris Leazier


"How would I describe Kevin Carr, the basketball player? Laser-like focus. Fierce competitor. Pressure player. Instinctive. The complete package.  Best ever at VTC. More importantly, how would I describe Kevin Carr, the man? Generous. Honest. Dependable.  A loyal friend. Funny . . . . really, really funny—Will Ferrell funny. I just love being around him."  

Coach John Dyer