SHAPE Swim Lessons

SHAPE offers weekly swim lessons throughout the school year, on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings starting in the fall and ending in April. Participants must register for the entire session and pay prior to the first class. Lessons take place in 30 minute blocks/lessons. Each session is typically 6-8 weeks, depending on timing of the Vermont Tech school semester. Classes are taught by local students who are Certified American Red Cross swim instructors.

Missed classes will not be made up unless class is cancelled due instructor illness or weather. We strive to not cancel classes, therefore there may be a substitute instructor at times.

Class space is limited. Reserve a spot in class by calling the SHAPE front desk 728-1384. If you don't know your child's swim level, use your best guess based on the information below. The instructor will place your child in the correct level if necessary after the first lesson.

For specific information not shown below, or to reserve your place in class, call 728-1384 or e-mail

We are currently is search of someone to teach lessons, and classes will be dependent on weather or not we find a certified instructor.

 Session 1



Tuesdays: Sept  -  Oct 2019 

Saturdays: Sept - Oct 2019

Instructor: TBD

 Session 2  

Tuesdays: Nov - Dec 2019

Saturdays: Nov - Dec 2019

Instructor: TBD

 Session 3  

Tuesdays: Feb  - March 2020

Saturdays: Feb - March 2020

Instructor: TBD

Session 4  

Tuesdays: April  - May 2020     

Sundays: April  - May 2020

Instructor: TBD


Saturday morning class times *:
                  Tuesday evening class times*:

Level # spaces     
time               Level # spaces time
parent/child 8 9:30 AM   parent/child 8 5:00 PM
Level 1 8 10:00 AM   Level 1 8 5:35 PM
Level 2 8 10:30 AM   Level 2 8 6:10 PM
Level 3 8 11:00 AM   Level 3 8 6:45PM
Level 4 8 11:30 AM   Level 4 8 7:20 PM
Level 5/6 8 12:00 PM   Level 5/6 8 7:20 PM
Adult/Teen 8 12:30 PM   Adult/Teen 8 8:00 PM

*We reserve the right to adjust class times within the 3 1/2 hour time block should there be very small or empty classes. This adjustment would be done after the first class, and all participants would be notified in advance.


SWIM LESSON CLASS FEES:                                    

  One Child      Multiple Children
Non-Members $75 $65 each
SHAPE Members $65 $55 each
VTC Faculty/Staff     $65 $55 each
VTC Students $65 $55 each

 *Classes are free for VTC student



NOTE: It is common for students to continue in the same level for mutiple sessions. On the last day of class, certificates will be awarded indicating the instructor's assessment of the child's swim level at that time.

Parent/Child Aquatics: For kids under 5, Helps young children feel comfortable in the water, getting their face wet and being in a horizontal position. Adult must be in the water with the child. 

Level 1 : Introduction to Water Skills. Purpose: Helps children: be comfortable in water alone, submerge face, learn floats with support, understand basic stroke actions. Must be at least 5 years old AND have completed Kindergarten (for summer session). Children under 5 may be approved for this class if they can listen to instruction and follow class rules on their own.

Level 2 : Fundamental Aquatic Skills. Purpose: Gives students success with fundamental skills. Learn beginning command of front crawl and back stroke, floats and treading water. Begin learning proper breathing techniques and kicks.

Level 3 : Stroke Development. Purpose: Build on the skills learned in Level 2 by providing additional guided practice. Introduces formal strokes. Learn good command of front crawl, elementary backstroke, backstroke, breathing technique and kicks. Students will be introduced to breaststroke, butterfly and various kick techniques.

Level 4 : Stroke Improvement. Purpose: Develops confidence in the strokes learned and improves other aquatic skills. Students have firm command of front crawl, elementary backstroke, backstroke, breathing technique and kicks. Beginning command of breaststroke, butterfly and various kick techniques.

Level 5 : Stroke Refinement. Purpose: Provide further coordination and refinement of strokes. Command of crawl, backstroke, breathing technique and kicks, as well as breaststroke, butterfly and various kick techniques.

Level 6 : Swimming and Skill Proficiency. Refines the strokes so students swim with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Four different specialties are available within this level: Personal Water Safety, Lifeguard Readiness, Fitness Swimmer and Fundamentals of Diving.

Teen/Adult: For teens and adult beginners, to learn how to swim safely, or who want to improve their stroke technique. Teens/adults who can swim and want to improve their stroke and/or fitness may sign up for the appropriate swim level.