Indoor Soccer, or Futsal, is played pickup, co-ed style throughout the school year. We offer a Futsal league starting in late October, usually after the Varsity season is over, in addtion to pick-up.

Non-league play is pickup style, participants will split into teams for pick-up play with a futsal ball and goals.

Contact Intramural Director Leah Gifford or 802-728-1584 for more information.

 Match 1: October 22, 2018

6pm    Alpha Dogs vs Squeezers                        Score:   7 to 8           Winner: Squeezers

7pm    Bye  vs Bombers                                   

8pm    Bud Knights vs Your Moms a Keeper        Score:   10 to 5         Winner: BK

9pm    DDs vs Frontline Kickers Score: 0 to 1 Winner: FK

 Match 2: October 23, 2018

6pm   Squeezers vs DDs                                  Score: 1 to 1

7pm   Bombers vs All the Smoke 

8pm   Frontline Kickers vs Southwell

9pm  Your Moms a Keeper vs Alpha Dogs

Match 3: October 29, 2018

6pm    All the Smoke vs Frontline Kickers

7pm    DDs vs Alpha Dogs

8pm    Bombers vs Your Moms a Keeper

9pm    Southwell vs Squeezers

Match 4: October 30, 2018

6pm    Frontline Kickers vs Bombers

7pm    Squeezers vs All the Smoke

8pm   Alpha Dogs vs Southwell

9pm   Your Moms a Keeper vs DDs

Match 5: November 5, 2018

6pm   Your Moms a Keeper vs Frontline Kickers

7pm    Southwell vs DDs

8pm    Bombers vs Squeezers

9pm   All the Smoke vs Alpha Dogs

Match 6: November 6, 2018

6pm   DDs vs All the Smoke

7pm   Squeezers vs Frontline Kickers

8pm   Southwell vs Your Moms a Keeper

9pm   Alpha Dogs vs Bombers

Match 7: November 26, 2018

6pm   DDs vs Squeezers

7pm   All the Smoke vs Bombers

8pm   Alpha Dogs vs Your Moms a Keeper

9pm   Southwell vs Frontline Kickers

 Match 8: November 27, 2018 

6pm   Squeezers vs Southwell

7pm   Alpha Dogs vs DDs

8pm   Frontline Kickers vs All the Smoke

9pm   Your Moms a Keeper vs Bombers

Match 9: December 3, 2018

6pm   Southwell vs Alpha Dogs

7pm   Bombers vs Frontline Kickers  

8pm   DDs vs Your Moms a Keeper

9pm   All the Smoke vs Squeezers

Match 10: December 4, 2018

6pm    DDs vs Southwell

7pm   Frontline Kickers vs Your Moms a Keeper

8pm   Squeezers vs Bombers

9pm   Alpha Dogs vs All the Smoke

Match 11: January 21, 2019

6pm   Your Moms a Keeper vs Southwell

7pm   Frontline Kickers vs Squeezers

8pm   All the Smoke vs DDs

9pm   Bombers vs Alpha Dogs

Match 12: January 22, 2019

6pm  DDs vs Bombers

7pm  Southwell vs All the Smoke

8pm  Alpha Dogs vs Frontline Kickers

9pm  Squeezers vs Your Moms a Keeper

MATCH 13: January 28, 2019

6pm  Southwell vs Bombers

7pm  Alpha Dogs vs Squeezers

8pm  All the Smoke vs Your Moms a Keeper

9pm  DDs vs Frontline Kickers

MATCH 14: January 29, 2019

6pm   Bombers vs All the Smoke

7pm   Your Moms a Keeper vs Alpha Dogs

8pm   Squeezers vs DDs

9pm  Frontline Kickers vs Southwell

MATCH 15: February 4, 2019

6pm Bombers vs Your Moms a Keeper

7pm Southwell vs Squeezers

8pm All the Smoke vs Frontline Kickers

9pm DDs vs Alpha Dogs

MATCH 16: February 5, 2019

6pm Squeezers vs All the Smoke

7pm Frontline Kickers vs Bombers

8pm Alpha Dogs vs Southwell

9pm Your Moms a Keeper vs DDs

Playoffs: February 11, 2019


6pm: #4 

7pm: #3 

8pm: #2 


Playoffs: February 12, 2019



8pm: Championship Match!!!!!

Winner of 6pm Match vs Winner of 7pm Match

Team Managers contact info:





Team GP Wins Losses Draws Pts GF GA GD




  • Co-ed Teams
  • 20 Minute Halves: Running Time.
  • 4 vs.4 plus a Goalkeeper
  • Size 4 ball with reduced bounce.
  • Boundaries are the basketball court lines.
  • Goal keeper can use hand inside the “3 point” area.
  • Unlimited Substitutions “on the fly”.
  • Kick Ins Only (Indirect)
  • No off-sides.
  • No Slide Tackling
  • Shin guards
  • If player is sent off, the team must play a man down for 2 minutes or until the opponent scores a goal.
  • Corner kicks are placed on the corner line. (Direct)
  • Team gets 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a lost.
  • Each team is guaranteed 12 games.
  • Games will always start on time.
  • 10 Player Team Rosters.
  • Player’s already on a team’s roster CAN NOT play with another Team.
  • Guest players are allowed to play if they’re not on another team’s roster.
  • Any ball that hits the ceiling of any kind is dead, and is placed at half field for the other team.
  • Limit 2 varsity players per team – 2 male, 1 female.  Definition of a varsity player is anyone who was listed on an eligibility roster for soccer at Vermont Tech at any time.
  • Each team must choose a shirt color and wear that color – if that team doesn’t have their color they wear pinnies
  • Forfeit counts as a 4-0 win/loss.
  • For playoff: Tie breakers go to goal differential, then head to head.
  • Volunteer refs – please help out – you get a free t-shirt!
  • Post season 5 min golden goal, then 5 PK, then sudden death PK

NOTES about the league/rules: 

  • This is supposed to be a fun, recreational league, not a varsity level league, so pushing should be kept to a minimum and the refs have been instructed to call the games pretty tight.
  • If the goalie has a hand on the ball it is theirs, please don’t kick people unless the ball is free
  • The REFEREE is in charge and has final say on any calls.  If you don’t like the referee’s calls and complain a lot then I will assign you to be a REF for an entire night!  REFS get a whistle and an Intramurals t-shirt
  • Yellow cards may be given for excessive complaining, unsportsmanlike behavior, etc.
  • ANY SWEARING AT/TOWARDS THE REF, PUNCHING OR FIGHTING IS AN AUTOMATIC RED CARD – Players who receive a red card must sit the following game.