5v5 Basketball rankings are based on win/loss percentage, then head to head competition, and if neccessary points against.


2015 Teams:

Team Record  
Premature Shooters   


No Name

Di Bumboclot Stars

Free Ballers

The Lamballers

Chicken McBuckets




Upcoming Games:

Tuesday, Feb 24th                                           Game Time     Refs

No Name vs Premature Shooters                   6pm                 ________/_________

Dairy vs Soccer                                               7pm                 ________/_________

Free Ballers vs The Lamballers                      8pm                 ________/_________

Chicken McBuckets vs Di Bumboclot Stars    9pm                 ________/_________


Wednesday, Feb 25th

Soccer vs Free Ballers                                     7pm                 ________/_________

The Lamballers vs Chicken McBuckets          8pm                 ________/_________

Di Bumboclot Stars vs No Name                     9pm                 ________/_________


Monday, Mar 2nd

Premature Shooters vs Dairy                          6pm                 ________/_________

Di Bumboclot Stars vs Free Ballers                7pm                 ________/_________

No Name vs The Lamballers                           8pm                 ________/_________

Soccer vs Chicken McBuckets                         9pm                 ________/_________


Wednesday, Mar 4th

Chicken McBuckets vs Soccer                         7pm                 ________/_________

The Lamballers vs Di Bumboclot Stars           8pm                 ________/_________

Premature Shooters vs Free Ballers               9pm                 ________/_________


Monday, Mar 9th

Di Bumboclot Stars vs Dairy                           6pm                 ________/_________

Soccer vs No Name                                         7pm                 ________/_________

Premature Shooters vs The Lamballers         8pm                 ________/_________

Chicken McBuckets vs Free Ballers                9pm                 ________/_________


Wednesday, Mar 11th

Soccer vs The Lamballers                               7pm                 ________/_________

Free Ballers vs Premature Shooters               8pm                 ________/_________

No Name vs Dairy                                           9pm                 ________/_________


Monday, Mar 16th

Di Bumboclot Stars vs Soccer                         6pm                 ________/_________

Chicken McBuckets vs Premature Shooters   7pm                 ________/_________

The Lamballers vs Dairy                                 8pm                 ________/_________

Free Ballers vs No Name                                9pm                 ________/_________


Wednesday, Mar 18th

Free Ballers vs Dairy                                       7pm                 ________/_________

No Name vs Chicken McBuckets                    8pm                 ________/_________

Premature Shooters vs Soccer                        9pm                 ________/_________


Monday, Mar 23rd                                                      Game Time     Refs

The Lamballers vs Free Ballers                                  6pm                 ________/_________

Soccer vs Dairy                                                           7pm                 ________/_________

Premature Shooters vs No Name                               8pm                 ________/_________

Di Bumboclot Stars vs Chicken McBuckets                9pm                 ________/_________


Wednesday, Mar 25th

Dairy vs Premature Shooters                                      7pm                 ________/_________

No Name vs Di Bumboclot Stars                                 8pm                 ________/_________

Free Ballers vs Soccer                                                 9pm                 ________/_________


League Rules:

Rules of play:

Traditional 5v5 basketball rules will apply, except:

  • 2 – 20 minutes halves, running time except last minute of second half is stop time.
  • Female players get an additional point for all baskets scored, except foul shots.
  • Technical fouls CAN be issued for swearing, fighting, flagrant fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.  Suspensions may also be given depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Rolling substitutions.
  • 2 timeouts per half.
  • 3 minute overtime for ties at the end of regulation.
  • 1 additional timeout for OT.
  • Players must wear the t-shirt color of the team, or a pinnie.


  • Student referees are needed for all games except semi-finals and finals.  Please let me know if you are interested in reffing.  You do not need to be on a team to be considered for reffing.  This is on a volunteer basis, you will get a ref t-shirt and whistle.  If you have work study you can be paid for your time.
  • Referee decisions and calls will stand.  Please be respectful of the volunteer officials as they are trying their best to be fair.
  • Constant derision of an official may result in a technical foul.  This decision would be determined by the Intramural Coordinator on site during the offense.


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