5v5 Basketball is one of our most popular Intramural leagues. Teams are co-ed, and typically varsity basketball players help ref the games when they are not playing. The league usually starts just after February break and runs through the rest of the semester.

Contact Intramural Director Leah Gifford or 802-728-1584 for more information.


5v5 Basketball rankings are based on win/loss percentage, then head to head competition, and if neccessary points against.

League Schedule:

Games are on Tuesdays/Thursdays

This week 4/17/2018

@ 6:00pm   We Get Buckets vs The Bombers

@ 7:00pm   Team Dairy vs Tune Squad

@8:00pm    Alpha Dawgs vs The Spartans

@9:00pm    Mean Machine vs The Schmucks

Playoffs games will be on 4/26, 5/1, & 5/3

League Schedule and Standings:

1. Alpha Dawgs 4. Mean Machine 7. Team Dairy
2.Tune Squad 5. The Bombers 8. The Spartans
3.We Get Buckets 6. The Schmucks  
Date / Time Home Away
4/10/2018  6pm Alpha Dawgs Tune Squad
                   7pm Mean Machine Team Dairy
                   8pm  Spartans We Get Buckets
                   9pm The Bombers The Schmucks
4/12/2018  6pm Spartans The Bombers
                   7pm Team Dairy We Get Buckets
                   8pm Tune Squad Mean Machine
                   9pm The Schmucks Alpha Dawgs
 4/17/2018 6pm We Get Buckets The Bombers
                  7pm Team Dairy Tune Squad
                   8pm Alpha Dawgs  Spartans
                   9pm Mean Machine The Schmucks
 4/19/2018  6pm Spartans Mean Machine 
                   7pm  The Bombers  Alpha Dawgs
                   8pm The Schmucks  Team Dairy
                   9pm Tune Squad  We Get Buckets
4/24/2018   6pm The Bombers Mean Machine
                   7pm The Schmucks Tune Squad
                   8pm Alpha Dawgs  We Get Buckets
                   9pm  Spartans  Team Dairy


 4/26/2018  6pm  #1 #8
                   7pm  #2 #7
                   8pm  #3 #6
                   9pm  #4 #5
 5/1/2018    7pm    
 5/3/2018 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME              7pm    


League Rules:

Rules of play:

Traditional 5v5 basketball rules will apply, except:

  • 2 – 20 minutes halves, running time except last minute of second half is stop time.
  • Female players get an additional point for all baskets scored, except foul shots.
  • Technical fouls CAN be issued for swearing, fighting, flagrant fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.  Suspensions may also be given depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Rolling substitutions.
  • 2 timeouts per half.
  • 3 minute overtime for ties at the end of regulation.
  • 1 additional timeout for OT.
  • Players must wear the t-shirt color of the team, or a pinnie.


  • Student referees are needed for all games except semi-finals and finals.  Please let me know if you are interested in reffing.  You do not need to be on a team to be considered for reffing.  This is on a volunteer basis, you will get a ref t-shirt and whistle.  If you have work study you can be paid for your time.
  • Referee decisions and calls will stand.  Please be respectful of the volunteer officials as they are trying their best to be fair.
  • Constant derision of an official may result in a technical foul.  This decision would be determined by the Intramural Coordinator on site during the offense.