Mission Statement

A Message from the Director of Varsity Athletics

Welcome to the Vermont Tech Athletic Department.  In order to accomplish anything successful, the first step is to determine where you want to go.  The second step is to create a plan of how you hope to reach the intended goal.  It would be easy to simply say that we want to create one of the finest small college athletic programs in the nation.  The truth is, everyone wants to be considered among the best.  At Vermont Tech, we measure our success, not only in terms of wins and losses, but also in terms of the personal growth of our student-athletes.  Athletics is perhaps the best teaching window for many of life's most important lessons.  We expect our coaches to maximize this teaching window.  We want our athletes to finish their careers at Vermont Tech with the belief that their athletic experience was the very best feature of their college years. 


Our Athleic Mission Statement:

      1.) The College will provide a quality competitive climate for student-athletes.

      Athletes like to compete.  At Vermont Tech, the competitive climate is truly excellent.  As a member of the fast-growing US Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA), an association designed to level the playing field for small colleges, Vermont Tech athletes have the opportunity to qualify to compete for a national championship in all of our sports.  Likewise, our athletes can earn All American and Academic All American honors from the National Organization.  By competing in the Yankee Small College Conference in the USCAA, many games have league-based competitive significance, and the conference tournament winning team receives an automatic bid to the USCAA National Championships.  At Vermont Tech, every game counts for something.


      2.) Vermont Tech coaches will create a climate where relationships among teammates are given the highest priority.

      A coach's primary function is to care deeply about his/her players.  A player's primary function is to care deeply about his/her teammates.  Teammates that care for one another succeed.  It is that simple.  At Vermont Tech, we employ coaches that endorse this philosophy.  We want our athletes to form life-long relationships with one another and their coaches.


      3.) Vermont Tech athletic programs will focus upon the teaching of core values.

      Respect.  Responsibility.  Commitment.  Sportsmanship.  Leadership.  These are the Vermont Tech Athletic Department's fundamental values that our coaches will seek to teach and student-athletes will learn.  


      4.) Student-athletes will represent the College in exemplary fashion.

      We will do everything possible to assist our student-athletes to succeed academically and to contribute, in a meaningful way, to the community at large.  Every team will be expected to plan and implement a community service project.  Our coaches will strive to enhance leadership skills and civic responsibility among the student-athlete population.


      5.) The Athletic Department and its athletes will work diligently to enhance the sense of campus community campus pride.

      Nothing quite brings a college community together like cheering madly for one's friends, classmates and students through a shared, positive experience. We work hard to ensure a fun and inviting atmosphere at all athletic games.


Vermont Tech is a wonderful small college that is just starting to realize its vast potential.  If you are an athlete that is serious about learning, growing and competing in a friendly and beautiful environment - then Vermont Tech is the right choice for you!



Hilary Linehan

Director of Athletics